Waitsel's Best Movies by Decade - Film Reviews

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Waitsel's Best Movies of the 2001 - Film Reviews

My reviews of the best movies of 2001, listed by genre. Also check out my movie lists, film articles, screenwriting tips, photos of actors and more. Contact me to suggest a movie. - Waitsel

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Waitsel's Best Drama of 2001 - Gosford ParkWaitsel's Best Thriller of 2001 - A Beautiful MindWaitsel's Best Action of 2001 - Fellowship Of The RingWaitsel's Best Comedy of 2001Waitsel's Best Romance of 2001 - Kate And LeopoldWaitsel's Most Inspiring Film of 2001 - An American Rhapsody

Waitsel's Most Inspiring Film of 2001Waitsel's Best Family Film of 2001 - Legend Of Bagger VanceWaitsel's Best Family Film of 2001Waitsel's Best Documentary of 2001Waitsel's BlogContact Us

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