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Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron in The Blind Side

Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy and Quinton Aaron as Michael Oher in The Blind Side

Bullock explaining to Aaron how his team is like his family

Leigh Anne explaining to Michael how his team is like his family

Tim McGraw plays husband, Sean, and also does the music.

Tim McGraw plays husband, Sean, and also does the music.

Jae Head, as Disneyesque son S. J., acts as Aaron's trainer

Jae Head, as Disneyesque son S. J., acts as Aaron's trainer

The Blind Side

True Story about Real Christian Charity

by Waitsel Smith

 5 Stars - Best Drama / Most Inspiring, 2009 - starring Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw and Quinton Aaron; directed by John Lee Hancock, based on the book by Michael Lewis - Warner Bros. Pictures

If you don't see any other film from 2009, you have to see this one. Not only is it good drama and even inspiring, but Sandra Bullock (The Proposal, Crash, Miss Congeniality) is to die for. She plays Leigh Anne Tuohy, a real-life, very high-mainteance, incredibly focused, tenacious wife, mother and interior designer, living a very wealthy lifestyle with her family in Memphis, Tennessee. One fateful rainy night, the family meets and decides to help a young, homeless black student from their children's private Christian school. He is Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), future All-American and first round NFL draft pick; but at the time, an introverted, poor student with only two qualities that might possibly help him to become a football player: his size and his protective instincts. Leigh Anne, with the help of husband Sean (Tim McGraw), son S.J. (Jae Head) and daughter Collins (Lily Collins), along with coach Burt Cotton (Ray McKinnon), help Michael to see his potential and use it to become, not only a talented football player, but a good student and an honorable man. So that, by the end of the film, he has coaches from all over the South vying for his recruitment.

This is a true story, based on the book by Michael Lewis (The Blind Side: Evolution Of A Game), and directed by John Lee Hancock (The Alamo, Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil, A Perfect World), who also co-wrote the screenplay with Lewis. Country music recording artist Tim McGraw is enjoyable as good-natured husband Sean, and also does the soundtrack. But Sandra Bullock steals the film. I know how good she is because I grew up in a Southern family with interior designers, and they're all high-maintenance, focused and tenacious like that. What makes Bullock's character extraordinary is the courage, heart and vision she adds to those qualities. But she never smiles... until the end of the film, and it's a classic moment. Another terrific scene is when the coaches from different universities are looking at a video of Oher blocking an opposing player that has been antagonizing him all game, and pushing him all the way down the field, into the end zone and over the fence. That's just one of the many times you'll laugh and cry simultaneously. This movie makes me glad there is still a movie industry.


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Waitsel Smith, January 29, 2010

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