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It is interesting to note that almost all the classic TV shows, from westerns to comedies, almost always made references to Biblical scriptures, attending Church on Sundays, and prayers. And we took any references to such as simply a part of everyday life as a Christian nation. Yet today, there is hardly any show that portrays or mentions anything about Christianity, at least not in a positive, or role-model, type situation. You should maybe research and document any and all references to Christianity from these older shows and highlight them on your website, because even Hollywood took Christianity to be the norm in years gone past. Some examples are The Rifleman (Episode 1 told the story of Job), The Guns of Will Sonnet (always said a prayer at the end of each episode), Bonanza, Little House On The Prairie, Andy Griffith, and so many, many others. Cheers. - Thad, North Carolina

It's true. My favorite example is Route 66. In that show, Buz and Tod seem almost like missionaries, as they go from town to town - not preaching, but living the Gospel, and dropping scriptural refernces along the way. And they were nothing but cool. - Waitsel

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