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Seven Days In Utopia starring Robert Duvall and Lucas Black

Seven Days In Utopia

by Waitsel Smith

4 Stars - 2nd Best Christian Family Film, 2011 - starring Robert Duvall and Lucas Black; directed by Matt Russell; based on the book by David L. Cook - Prospect Park, Utopia Pictures

After their successful shared billing in Get Low in 2010, Robert Duvall and Lucas Black join forces again in a Christian golf movie with take-away principles - much like the movies of the Kendrick brothers out of Albany, Georgia. Only, unlike Alex Kendrick, these boys can act.

I really like Lucas Black, and he can swing a golf club. In this film, he's an aspiring amateur named Luke Chisholm that hits the road to lose himself after experiencing a meltdown in a tournament. He runs across Utopia, Texas and Johnny Crawford (Duvall). Johnny understands Luke's problem because he had a similar meltdown himself. So he takes Luke under his wing and tells him that if he will stay in Utopia for seven days, he'll help him solve his problem. Of course, he doesn't say what that problem is. And Johnny's battery of remedies surprise Luke. Nevertheless, he follows Johnny's guidance.

This is a very likable film with a strong but gracious Christian message. The residents of Utopia are living the dream, not just talking about it. There's a lot of Texas flavor, including a rodeo. The golfing footage, especially the tournaments, are well-done and believable. But the heart of the film is the relationship between Johnny and Luke. The story is based on the book of the same name by David L. Cook. There's also a web site worth viewing: http://www.didhemaketheputt.com/ Christian golfers should love this film, and it would make a great gift for their non-Christian golfing buddies.

Rated G


Waitsel Smith, February 15, 2012

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